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Learn through duets, songs, and short technical drills to become a good drummer. Perfect for students who:

  • Want to play drums well

  • Want to read music

  • Find it hard to practice at home

  • Want to focus on techniques that serve a clear musical purpose

  • Want lessons to be fun and low stress



Focuses on duets, songs, core curriculum workbook and detailed drills to improve speed, stickings, and precision. Teacher expectations are higher than DrumWell©. Perfect for students who:

  • Want to excel at the art and science of drumming

  • Are committed to consistent practice

  • Are committed to measuring their progress

  • Are self-motivated

  • Are in a band that expects a high level of musical performance



Perfect for adults who want to explore the joy of playing drums. Become an effective drummer and have fun doing it. Highly customizable, tailored to your needs and your schedule, 

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